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Hästö & Co data protection

We value the privacy of our clients and aim to offer them a safe and useful user experience.

We want to understand the needs of our service’s users and we therefore want to create content that interests them. We gather information of our service’s users on our website through cookies. Processing that information enables better targeted content to our website’s users.

By using Hästö & Co’s services, the user accepts that his/her personal data can be used according to the description. In case the user does not accept these terms, the user does not have a right to use our service. What comes to various applications, in addition to the abovementioned terms, the terms of each service provider (e.g. Apple, Google, Microsoft) will apply.

Processing of personal data

What comes to the processing of personal data, we comply with the Data Protection Act and rules that are in force in Finland. We examine personal data (e.g. name, address, email address, telephone number) within the limits of current legislation, for example due to customership or permission, and in accordance with it. In addition, we might examine the data for direct marketing purposes.

Mainly we gather the personal data from the users themselves for example through web forms or questionnaires. As is described below, we might also gather information on how users use our services.
We use the personal data for the purposes described in this summary. We use the data to enhance our users’ service experiences, i.e. to personify content and marketing (e.g. services and advertisements recommended for the user), to target digital advertising, to fix problems, to prevent frauds and to support product and service development. Our operations might not require that an individual’s data is recognizable when the data is examined. In cases where the individual’s data does not have to be recognizable, the data can be examined, inter alia, in a compiled form or anonymously for example in product and service development.

In addition to the data processing we ourselves execute, we might transfer and cede the information of our service’s users to third parties (inter alia Google Analytics website’s tracking).

Utilizing cookies and other similar techniques

We might collect and utilize the information of our service users’ behavior. The information regarding user’s computer or other main device can be collected through cookies or utilizing other similar techniques. Cookie is a small file that will be stored to the user’s main device. Cookies cannot be used to spread viruses and they do not enable the examination of the files in the user’s hard drive.

We automatically collect information on how our service users use Hästö & Co’s website (e.g. the date and length of the visit as well as which search sentences and/or words and search engines the users have used), which websites and website areas the users visit and technical information of the users’ computers or mobile devices (including IP address, device’s ID sign, physical location, browser, operator and type of operating system as well as URL addresses linked to those).

What comes to advertising, we also use socio-demographic targeting, in which the modeling is based on a presumption that browsers owned by certain socio-demographics operate the same way in our network. Via questionnaires are we able to gather information on specific users’ areas of interest, which we then, through statistical modeling, expand to cover a wider range of individuals.

We might utilize behavioral information gathered from other websites than our own. We use Google Analytics advertising operations (remarketing, Google Display network’s display view reporting, Google Analytics reporting on target groups and areas).

We aim to ensure, e.g. through different physical, electronical and contractual means, that inappropriate directions have no access to the previously mentioned information and that our service providers will not use the data for their own purposes. We also pursue to indent third parties to the current legislation and self-regulation instructions. We, however, do not supervise third parties’ practices nor are we responsible for them. Internet is an open system, in which it is impossible to guarantee that unauthorized third parties would not be able to bypass security operations or use the information received for improper purposes.

Our digital services might use so called community associated functions, such as Facebook’s ’like’ button, which content comes straight from Facebook. Facebook, Google, Twitter and other similar service providers might collect information on user’s visits in accordance with their own terms currently in use.

Some cookies remain on the user’s computer even after he/she has left the website. Unless removed, the cookies can remain on the computer months or even years after the last visit to the website.
In case the user does not want us to target advertising or content based on his/her internet behavior, the user can prevent this by prohibiting specific cookies in the settings of the used browser. By emptying the cookies on a regular basis, the user changes a tag, based on which a profile is created. Emptying the cookies does not, however, completely stop the data collection but instead it resets the profile based on previous behavior information.

In case the user has questions regarding Hästö & Co’ services, we kindly request you to contact our customer service.

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